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Having studied, modeled, and trained thousands of world-class #sales leaders of high-performance teams—here are a few key distinctions that separate the best from the rest. . .

◆ Believe in their people, care about them, and genuinely have their best interests in mind

◆ Care about the person just as much as they do about their performance

◆ Understand that the more you give, the more you’ll get. The more you care, the more they’ll contribute

◆ Consistently get the most OUT of their people because they consistently put the most INTO their people

◆ Make deposits into their people and continuously cultivate a high-performance environment that’s conducive to coaching and continuous learning, growth, and improvement

◆ Understand that the only way they can realize their potential, is if they first help their team members achieve theirs

◆ Hold themselves and their team accountable to high performance standards and are maniacal about improvement and growth

◆ Goal-focused, but process-driven and have a consistent operational rhythm/cadence anchored by the most important meeting: the weekly (1:1) coaching conversation

◆ Selfless and understand that sales is a team sport and function as ONE TEAM, cross-functionally

◆ Understand that the measure of true success is not about how good you are, but about how much better you make everyone else around you

◆ Are transformational vs. transactional: It’s not just about winning the next deal or making your number. It’s about helping your people achieve a level of performance they never imagined was possible

◆Understand that coaching is not merely something that you, as a manager, must do. A “Coach” is someone that you, as a leader, must become.


When it comes to building world-class, high-performance sales teams the difference that makes the difference is all in the approach; stop acting like a manager and become a “coach.”



Learn How to Systematically Ensure Your Frontline Sales Team is Consistently Executing at a High-Level—and Continuously Improving (Without Any Resistance or Any Extra Time)

Your Host: Brian Souza

CEO, Founder of ProductivityDrivers and author of The New York Times Bestseller, The Weekly Coaching Conversation