“IF-THEN: Two simple, but incredibly powerful words to incorporate into coaching conversations with your sales reps.

In psychology this is referred to as “implementation Intention”—which is basically a plan you make beforehand about when, where, and how you plan to act when faced with an obstacle if/when a certain situation arises.

Hundreds of studies have shown that implementation intentions can significantly improve the odds of success with goal-achievement, behavioral modification, and habit formation.

How does it work?

Here’s a simple framework:

“If situation x arises, then I will perform response y.”

For example…

◆ IF (some distraction) comes up that might prevent me from doing my pipeline generation activities for the week, THEN I will _____.

◆ IF I can’t get to power in this account, THEN I will ____.

◆ IF the prospect brings up (this) objection, THEN I will respond by saying ____ and I will also plant ____ trap for the competition.

How can something so simple have such a powerful effect on shaping behavior and improving performance?

1. PREPARATION: You are thinking through, preparing, and setting specific goals for the desired outcome you wish to achieve ahead of time—before taking action.

2. PRIMING: You are priming your mind by expecting/anticipating that obstacles will come up that will attempt to derail you, preventing you from achieving that desired result.

3. PLANNING: You are creating a contingency plan ahead of time how you will remove those obstacles, thus significantly increasing the odds you will succeed.

Whether you/your reps are planning our your week, your day, or an important sales call—start with the end in mind.

Set a specific goal or outcome you’re trying to achieve and write it down.

Think through and prepare in advance how you plan to execute in order to achieve it.

Anticipate obstacles/roadblocks that might come up that could derail you from achieving your goal.

Have a contingency plan for how you will overcome those obstacles.

When in doubt, don’t try and go it alone.

Ask your “coach” for help.



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