Ever wonder how world-class coaches creates an environment where team members are committed to giving you their best—and don’t want to leave?

I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is GTM Leader of a $50+ Billion tech company provides a great example we should all take to heart.

For a bit of context…

A while back one of the company’s Business Units was on the ropes—numbers were down, morale was in the tank, and attrition sky-high.

One day the CEO had finally had enough.

He called my friend into his office and told him that effectively immediately he was now in charge of the troubled Business Unit as well.

With less than a day’s notice to prepare for a 30 min All-Hands where he would meet close to a thousand new team members for the very first time…

He knew had to make an impact if he was going to stop the exodus and turn things around.  

He decided to ditch the corporate BS and speak from the heart.

He shared with them 10 principles and said, “This is who I am. This is how I live my life. And this is how I lead.”

He ended with a slide that said “Now Accepting: personal questions, random questions, creepy questions, ANY kind of questions. Just ask:)”

Then he followed up with something so profound it immediately won over the hearts and minds of his new team.

He said… 

“The day my team feels that they cannot come to me with questions or any issues—if they hesitate even for a second—I consider that a personal failure of my leadership. PLEASE don’t let me fail.”

He said after that 30 min All-Hands 70% of his new team was onboard, aligned, and committed.  Now all he had to do was back up his words with action and earn the remaining 30%.


Before team members will buy into your plan and do what you want them to do, they must first buy into you.

Before they will buy into you, they must first understand your intention and whether or not you genuinely have their best interests at heart.

My recommendation:

Get your heart right; your head will follow.



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