A New Innovative Strategy for Building World-class, High Performance Teams

Systematically improving team performance by helping “Coaches” to ensure that their team members are consistently executing—and continuously learning, growing, and improving.



Introducing the Weekly Coaching Conversation™ System. Based on extensive original research, the WCC is the first holistic, systems-oriented corporate training program built from the ground up on three essential pillars:


Multiple levels of weekly reinforcement built-in to make sure the desired behavioral change, sticks


Aligns long-term organizational goals to team members’ short-term priorities and behaviors


A high-leverage strategy to initiate—and sustain—massive performance improvements with the least amount of time, effort, or behavioral change required

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Why will the WCC System succeed where so many other training programs have tried and failed?

In short, because we have strategically innovated in a number of key areas:

New systems-oriented approach to systematically improve team performance by ensuring that team members are consistently executing—and continually learning, growing, and improving

New “flipped” training model with multiple levels of weekly reinforcement built in to make sure that the desired behavioral change we’re trying to create on the frontline, sticks

New Rings of Reinforcement Strategy specifically designed to ensure that the desired behavioral change is not only initiated—but sustained

New modularized, web-based delivery model designed to maximize knowledge retention, minimize time out of the field, and allow complete flexibility on “rollouts”

New comprehensive IP spanning multiple disciplines with high-quality instructional videos to model desired behavioral change

New enterprise-class, mobile-responsive LMS platform that scales globally to ensure a seamless rollout for any size organization

New propriety Weekly MAP App which simplifies and streamlines the core WCC System workflow on the frontline, while providing leadership unprecedented visibility and transparency into what is really happening (and not happening) on the frontline

New low-cost, high-value subscription-based pricing model to minimize investment and maximize ROI

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